Healing the Child within, we heal the wounds which obscure our true potential. And, in so doing, liberate ourselves for unlimited possibility.

Who you choose to accompany you on this journey is important. You realize that you need to feel a certain connection, confidence, and level of comfort with your therapist and that is why you are wisely taking this step to look more deeply at your choices.

I hope to answer all your questions and to give you a sense of myself as an assistant to your own organic process. I believe you hold the answers and I am merely here to facilitate, with my expertise, your opportunities for change as they unfold from within.

I view all mental/emotional problems as merely ecologically appropriate stress reactions. Once we discover your personal path to stress relief, the symptoms will naturally subside. Eventually, through trauma resolution techniques and self-empowerment tools, the previous unhelpful and dysfunctional defenses may no longer be necessary and you can discover who you were truly meant to be.

I am so confident in these techniques and tools that I can say with conviction that medication should only be a last resort. Often medication is merely a band-aid on a wound that needs much deeper attention. It may get the symptoms under control, but it does nothing to heal the trauma which has caused the symptoms. The vast majority of us are not born with mental illness and can, through trauma resolution, look forward to a future free of anxiety,depression, OCD etc...

If you decide that you would like to trust me with this amazing responsibility, I will be honored to be chosen to walk this path with you. Together, we can experience the exquisite beauty of healing and the exciting new adventure of your own unleashed potential. Onward....